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Vertex 9-Meter KPC Antenna (Two available)

Vertex 9-meter Model 9 KPC antenna. C-band with CP feed. Service platform and staircase included. No de-ice system. Jackscrews and limit switches included, drive motors and drive system electronics negotiable based on customer requirements.


These antennas were removed from a commercial earth station. They are older antennas and should be refurbished, but are undamaged and without corrosion issues.


Due to how the antennas are currently stored, posting pictures would not provide a buyer with useful information. Instead, potential buyers are encouraged to contact us for more information. We would be happy to schedule an inspection of the antenna or discuss its condition over the phone.


As shipping costs would be highly variable, a buyer may opt to package the antenna themselves or negotiate a shipping fee. If desired, refurbishment, antenna erection, electronics integration, or any other technical service related to system installation can be provided. We would also be happy to discuss a buyer's options in these areas and provide advice.


Please contact us with any questions.


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