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About Us

Customer Base


Antek enjoys a diverse customer base, ranging from local TV stations to large government agencies, as well as the major earth station operators.

Facility Details


Antek’s facility is located on a four acre lot in the Greater Washington Area. Antek is in a convenient location for transportation and communication requirements.


The building is divided into four sections: offices, assembly, testing, and shop areas. 

The shop areas contain a complete machine shop, welding/solder area, paint area with powder coating capabilities, and a high bay for SNG and large equipment servicing.

A shipping and receiving room next to the high bay is serviced by a standard height loading dock. Double doors throughout the facility allow pallets and racks to be moved with relative ease.


Parts and inventory storage is provided in an overhead mezzanine in the shop area. Large parts, large stock, and antennas can be stored in an outside area behind the main building.


Antek has approval for teleport service development and building permit for antennas on the property.

Staff Experience


Antek Systems is staffed by satellite system professionals who have been involved in all aspects of satellite earth station implementation. Many of the staff have over 25 years of direct involvement in planning, implementing, operating and testing earth station systems.

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