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Antenna Installation

Antek is capable of providing the following antenna installation services:

  • Turnkey Installation (2.4m to 18m)

    • Receiving and Offloading

    • Reflector Assembly

    • Panel Alignment (Theodolite)

    • Cable, Waveguide, Flex, Elliptiguide Runs

    • Control and Drive Systems

    • Feed Installation

    • Painting (Reflector/Mount and Deice Taping)

    • Rack and Stack Integration

    • Performance Testing: Patterns, Gain, G/T, Crosspol​, Contours

  • Civil Works

  • Cross-axis Kits

  • Re-sectoring

  • Pedestal/Encoder Alignment

  • Cable Conveyance (Trays and Conduits)

  • Antenna Relocations

  • Deice Systems

  • Antenna Refurbishment


Call 301.874.3175

Paumalu Dual 16m Installation
Paumalu Dual 16m Install
Refurbished Antenna
Roof Relocation
ASC 4.5m Install
Connecticut 13.1m Install
Pre-Lift Mount
Deice Installation Process
Jackscrew Lift
Deice Heater Install
Deice Control Box
Final Alignment
Inserting EL Pins
Placing the Sub-reflector
Platform Mounting
Before Feed Install
Feed Install
Feed Install

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