Feed Systems

We can offer feed system solutions to meet your individual needs such as:

  • New feed design

    • LP/CP options ​

      • Switchable (Motorized or Manual)​

    • Custom Feeds for L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka bands

    • C and Ku feeds with flight heritage 

  • Feed Retrofit

    • Extended Band

    • Polarization Changes

    • 2 Port to 4 Port Upgrades

  • Testing (Lab and Field)

  • Repair

  • Feed Window Replacement


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LP Extended C-Band Diplexer

Philco-Ford Feed Retrofit

LP Diplexer

3-Port Retrofit

4-Port Ku Band Diplexer

Polarizer Assembly

LP C-Band Flight Hardware

L&S Band Feed

L&S Tracking Coupler

Custom Feed Cans

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