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Antek Systems, LLC is a company dedicated to providing superior products and services to satellite communications companies and earth stations around the world. Our capabilities range from systems engineering to on-site integration. With a full compliment of test equipment and fixtures, Antek is capable of testing and repairing a wide range of earth station equipment including feed systems, antenna drive systems, dehydrators, and amplifiers. Located in Frederick, Maryland, Antek’s modern 9000 sq. ft facility enjoys a location that is close to many of the major satellite communications companies.

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16.4m GD Satcom Antenna Installation

We offer extensive installation services on a variety of antennas made by major antenna manufacturers such as General Dynamics Satcom (Vertex/RSI, TIW, Prodelin), ASC (Andrew/Channel Master), and Viasat (Scientific Atlanta).

Custom Made LP/CP Motorized Switchable Feed

Antek specializes in not only new feed fabrication, but also feed modifications including frequency band changes, polarization changes, 2 port to 4 port upgrades, and testing in both the lab and the field. 

Custom Made Waveguide Components

We are capable of producing a variety of waveguide parts such as copper and aluminum waveguide (WR-28 through WR-430), custom built cast or swept bend assemblies, couplers, adapters, specialized flange configuration, flex assemblies, etc.

Jackscrew Maintenance

Antek can perform both scheduled (periodic maintenance) and emergency services catered to the individual needs and concerns of the customer.

Rack Integration

We are experienced with electronic product installation including rack integration and testing, drive systems controls, deice systems controls, and equipment setup.

In addition to what is listed above, Antek can provide a multitude of other earth station and specialized services. Call 301.874.3175 for more information.



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Antek Systems, LLC

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